Greetings from Austin, Texas and welcome to The Spatula Dad! A place for fun, tasty, usually healthy eating choices...for kids and adults.  Having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables?  Does your average meal consist of taking a box out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave?  Are you challenged to find healthy, tasty ways to feed your kids?  Or are you just looking for some old-fashioned, home grown entertainment?  If you are searching for fun, informative, witty ways to cook for kids or adults, look no further – the Spatula Dad is here to help.

Webisodes of our culinary adventures are featured monthly here at  Recipes will be added all the time. Special guests from all walks of life will join us, too! Send us your recipe or ideas and we’ll cook it or at least have fun trying to cook it. Sign up to get the latest scoop and join the Spatula Dad Nation!

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